About us


We believe that a planned, implemented, and documented approach to IT is the best way to eliminate viruses and costly, unexpected downtime. Our mission is to make your IT resources a seamless operating machine - an appliance - that is always available to do what it was designed to do.


Gary James:
Seasoned veteran with over 20 years of professional experience and training in all things IT. Starting in the U. S. Navy he has completed numerous trainings and certifications and was building advanced firewall appliances before names like SonicWALL and WatchGuard existed in popular IT culture. He is the sole founder and CEO of IP Lynx, LLC.

John Piggott:
John brings nearly a quarter of a century’s worth of IT experience to IP Lynx. He has worked as a senior technician for Fortune 500 Companies including Bank of America and American Express and has been the recipient of multiple customer service and performance awards throughout his career. His specialties include problem resolution, process improvement, documentation, training, and making chocolate vanish.

IP Lynx, LLC was founded in 2004 and became an LLC in 2005. We have years of experience in the information technology industry and have worked with all network systems. We offer extensive resources and pride ourselves on dependability. Our mission is to offer solutions that work for our clients, not excuses!